Beam Artistes is Singapore's premier talent agency. We proudly represent a superb range of established celebrity names alongside promising up-and-coming new talent and specialise in the supply of these for their involvement whether as actors, hosts, music performers and/or models, etc across the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry, including motion pictures, television programmes, commercials, endorsements, industrial videos, print work, and events.

Beam Artistes manages the careers of carefully-selected talents from Singapore and the region; and helps them forge their individual images and identities, so as to empower each of them to fully develop their careers.

We take it upon ourselves to select and represent only the highest calibre of talents who not only have a proven track record of success in their respective fields, but who also display a willing cooperation to work with clients on their specific requirements. Unlike some other agencies, we do not sign on all and sundry. We pride ourselves on being picky.

Each Beam artiste excels in his or her respective fields of acting, hosting and music and has demonstrated his or her talents on the stage, on television and even feature films across all genres. Each is highly driven, disciplined and takes pride in his or her craft. In addition, various corporate clients have successfully enhanced the value of their products through the engagement of Beam artistes as official ambassadors for their brands. Through road shows, advertisements and public appearances, Beam artistes have added value by bringing an undeniable "spark" to the marketing and publicity efforts of clients.

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